How to select Self Publishing company in India ? 13 Aug, 2021 7:00 am

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You, perhaps, are here looking for tips on how to select self-publishing companies in India after listening to the bad experiences shared by authors who opted to self-publish without doing the research needed. Given the number of self-publishers afloat in the market, choosing the legitimate one can be a tall order. This dilemma can, however, be resolved with some first-hand research.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Self-Publishing Company


What is the market reputation of your Self-publisher in India?

Digital media is a tool most self-publishers are leveraging to rush authors to accept one-size-fits-all plans. This, however, is a two-edged sword, that authors can use to diagnose the real performance and reputation of their publisher. With very little effort, you can identify forums with author feedbacks and reviews about the publishing house you are looking to approach for your book. Similar, feedbacks are also available on Google, all you need to do is Google the company’s name, and Voila!

How legitimate are the terms of the agreement you are to sign?

Authors need to make sure that the terms of the publishing agreement they have been extended are legitimate, are not leaning in the publisher’s favor, and have legal viability. Also, one should be extra cautious of any fine prints that may divert the sentiment of the agreement for the publisher’s benefit. The agreement signed should be legally binding for both the parties, and cover all aspects of the publishing exercise in fair spirit, including the rights of the book, royalties, and payout schedules.

What is the quantum of royalty offered?

All legit self-publishing houses have a royalty calculator placed on their websites to facilitate easy and active estimations, based on retail pricing, size of the manuscript, and the services availed. It should raise alarm bells if the company does not have an estimation tool on its website, or does not encourage advance royalty estimations. It is advisable to abandon the idea of engaging the services of such publishers and hunt for someone who is willing to commit.

What will you be charged for author copies?

As an independent author, you will need to organize giveaways of your book for review by fellow authors, reviewers, bloggers, and influencers. This means you shall have to buy quite a few copies. Look for a self publisher who is willing to offer your books to you at a reasonable price. The author price should be the sum total of the actual printing cost plus a 15-20 percent mark-up, and not a discounted retail price.

Will you be allowed real-time access to check your book’s performance?

Your publisher, if legit, will operate with reasonable transparency. This involves giving authors the access needed to check the performance of their books, including sales proceeds and inventory. Most reputable self-publishers facilitate real-time access to such information by creating user-friendly Author Dashboards, wherein the latter can sign in using his credentials and review the underlying information. It is more than likely that your publisher is looking to short-change you if he is unwilling or reluctant to offer access to this information.

It is imperative that authors understand the difference between legit and fraudulent self-publishers, especially first-timers since this can be the difference between an ordinary book and a bestseller. Going in blind leaves authors with little to no chance of standing out. Working with the right publisher, on the other hand, can do wonders, and consequently, produce a book that can compete with big names in the industry. Make sure you get the questions listed in this post answered to your satisfaction before handing over your life’s work to a publishing company.




Hey, Bookworms! You, perhaps, are here looking for tips on how to select self-publishing companies in India after listening to the bad experiences shared by authors who..

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