BFC Publications Introduces
the koshala Literature Festival

Rediscovering Humanity

EXPLORE koshala Literature Festival 2022

Held between 4-6 November 2022, KLF-Awadh was a three-day long celebration revolving around the rich heritage of Awadh, featuring the biggest names in the fields of Arts, Literature, Music, Filmmaking, and much more.


BFC Lounge

BFC Lounge was an effort by Team BFC Publications to connect with its authors, hear their writing experiences, and offer them a showcase worthy of their books.

KLF Sessions

Watch Authors, Historians, Mythologists, Scribes and Politicos grace the stage at KLF-Awadh and discuss their books and works out in the open.

The Story of Storytellers of Naimisaranya
Garuda Purana
Bravehearts of Bharat
Saga of Bharat: The Magicians of Mazda
Era of Visaul Storytelling