Book Publisher in India

Finding the best and most reliable Book Publisher in India can be a task, especially for aspiring authors. The primary reason for not having a perfect choice is the unawareness of book publishing.

Book publishing does not only mean printing a book but also various steps are involved in the process. Manuscript editing, marketing, promotion, and so on are included in publishing a book.

BFC Publications is the one-stop for all your queries when looking for the most reliable self-book publisher in India. BFC provides hassle-free book publishing to authors according to their objectives and budget. Our team of experts will help you with all the aspects of self-publishing and craft you an excellent book publishing experience.

eBook Publisher in India


Writing a book is a significant accomplishment in itself but is entirely different from publishing a story. Self-publishing a book might seem even more tricky than writing one. Let's say the book you were working on is finished and needs to be published and distributed to everyone. Those who have previously published are aware of the next steps. However, if this is your first attempt at self-publishing a book, you most likely have no idea what to do next or how to self-publish a book in India. Well, don't worry! Just follow the instructions below, and you'll be good to go.

Find a reliable self-publisher in India

Look up for a self-publisher that is reputable and delivers all the needs of an author. BFC Publication is one of India's most reliable self-book publishers, providing all kinds of services needed to publish a book..

Select a package

After selecting a self-publisher, it is important to choose a package, and the services provided depend on the chosen package. Make sure the package you select matches your preferences and requirements for all publishing aspects like editing, format editing, cover design and so on.

Formatting, Editing and Cover Designing

A book that has been professionally formatted and edited provides an enjoyable reading experience. Make sure the publisher has done their part of the job, even if it means starting over with an updated file. At BFC Publications, we have expert editors and designers dedicated to providing you with all the assistance needed.

Deciding on the selling prices

All reliable self-publishers in India follow an open royalty sharing structure. After debating the size and number of pages of your manuscript, the cost of publishing it, and your publisher's fee, among other things, decide on the selling price of your book.


Writing a book does not guarantee its readership, and there is no assurance that people will even be aware of it, especially when it's your first book. So, it becomes quite necessary to spread the word, and BFC Publications is a well-known provider of promotional services.

We provide all the top tools needed to promote and market your book and give it a head start. We assist you in all the aspects of book promotion, both online and offline.

We make the books noticeable

BFC Publications provides a dedicated team of experts that assist authors in self-publishing their books and with all the aspects of marketing needed to help you put your book on the radar.

Target an audience

It is quite essential to focus on a target audience based on the genre of your book. BFC Publications helps you reach the target audience with the help of dedicated marketing experts.

Book Review

A book review is an important aspect of book promotion, and word of mouth helps you gather only a limited readership, so reviewing your book is quite necessary. Make contact with book reviewers and influencers. If necessary, request that they review your book in exchange for payment, which will help spread the positive word about your book.


BFC Publications provides the best self-publishing services in India, allowing you to professionally self-publish your book. We provide a comprehensive range of packages that include all the essential publishing services, from book cover design to publishing, promotion, and distribution.

Let's have a look at the packages-


This package is an entry-level package that provides all the basic aspects of self-publishing a book, including format & editing, ISBN allocation, online listing and so on.


The regular package provides all the essential features, but also certain added benefits are included like cover designing and basic marketing support.


In the premium package, the experts revisit everything to ensure author satisfaction. A marketing network is laid down via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Apart from this, email, SMS and WhatsApp marketing are also included in the picture.


Last but not least is the elite package. This package delivers a royal treatment to the authors in all aspects of book publishing. With the best in editing, proofreading and designing, the book will stand out in the crowd. Various marketing gimmicks like video teasers, WhatsApp marketing, social media marketing, digital release, ad campaigns, etc., will help you in reaching the target audience.


BFC Publications is one of India's most reliable self-book-publisher that has helped 1000+ authors achieve their dream. We at BFC Publications provide the best of services and a team of dedicated experts to assist the authors with all the aspects of self-publishing. As one of the most trusted self-publishing companies in India, we have an established network frame and a wide distribution channel that will eventually help you acquire readership and will help you reach the target audience.


In order to select the right self-book publisher for your book, one must be aware of their needs as an author. One must opt for a self-publisher that caters to all the aspects of self-publishing and is budget-friendly.

BFC Publications is one of India's most cost-effective self-publishing services that deliver professional assistance, guidance and support to all new authors who dream of writing and self-publishing their books. We provide authors with a platform that provides them with flexibility and independence to create and share their stories with the world. Our top-class services like social media marketing, exclusive video trailer, customized cover design etc., make us the perfect choice for self-publishing a book in India.