We are a publishing house, and our success is determined by the calibre of the people we work with. As a result, we make continuous efforts to improve the skill set of our employees and offer them an environment congenial for personal and professional growth. Our human resource policies are liberal, transparent, and among the best in the industry.

Working Culture

Book publishing is a challenging domain that necessitates a significant amount of participation. As a result, all Team BFC members are encouraged to take ownership of the projects they are working upon.

Professional Growth

The performance appraisal system in the organisation ensures that the top performers are appropriately rewarded. Those who perform well are offered bigger roles, setting a good example for others to follow.

Job Security & Satisfaction

The BFC Group has an average attrition rate of 4.5 years. This demonstrates that BFC Publications does not believe in "survival of the fittest." People who are looking for stability prefer working with us. Also, the organisation has an effective grievance redressal system, overseen by none other than the CEO.

Personal Growth

The company places great value on its employees. As a result, frequent training programmes and corporate activities are held to build and improve their inter-personal skills.


BFC Publications believes that everyone should have equal access to opportunities. The pay offered here is among the best in the industry. In addition to fixed income, the company also offers substantial incentives as well.

Workplace Atmosphere

The Company has a formal workplace culture with emphasis on productivity and code of conduct. Despite this, management strives to achieve a delicate balance between work and play by organising a variety of off-sites and other informal events.

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