Marketing Services

Even the most prominent authors often struggle to market their book. Not because of lack of following, but because they are not equipped with the latest tools of marketing. Hashtags and viral tweets have made modern-day marketing significantly demanding, because book store appearances and newspaper mentions just don’t cut it any longer.

After hours of brainstorming and consultations with industry experts, BFC has managed to devise an elaborate, infallible strategy to escalate the visibility of its authors’ works, through viral hashtags, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, and other marketing gimmicks.


We will be running Ad’s in various formats for your book on Instagram which will pop up as sponsored posts, Instagram stories and more. Instagram is probably the best platform for quick engagement and gaining new people. We’ll target an audience, design a creative ad for you, and float it across the network.


Facebook is currently the largest platform for marketing your book. Ad’s in various formats will be created and run by our team on Facebook. We’ll target an audience, design a creative ad for you, and float it across the network.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a pixel is ought to be worth 1024 bits. This analogy perfectly sums up the significance of visuals, especially when it comes to marketing a book in this age of viral tweets and Whatsapp shares.

The significance of book marketing through video teasers is only amplified by the fact that Indian netizens hangout on social media platforms for at least 2.4 hours, daily.

To leverage this aspect appropriately, we put together a short, but intriguing video teaser of your book, just so to make sure that your story leaves a lasting imprint on the potential reader's mind.


Our team will help you create an online presence for yourself making you searchable and accessible for everyone by creating a website for you, where people will be able to interact more with you, know more about you and your books and a website will surely help you be a bigger and a better brand.


After your book has been listed on Amazon, we will make it more visible to the people using Amazon's sponsored advertisement program. We will research and add key-words for your book. When a buyer will search up any of those keywords, your book will be visible to the buyer.


SMS We will send out personal messages to people from our side to make you reach more people with a personal touch to it; after a good deal of research on the mobile numbers which are to be used.


Our Google Adwords specialist identifies the target audience for the book and creates a custom Google Ad Campaign including text and display ads. Campaign ad-budget is flexible and can be decided by the author in consultation with our specialist based on the audience and impressions being targetted.


A generic number of WhatsApp messages are sent to potential buyers and readers to help build the Author as a brand, and to attract much-needed attention. A coordinated set of messages is sent via WhatsApp to a wide and active audience. Our marketing team creates attractive and catchy subject lines to escalate the views and increase the possibility of sales.


Based on a good deal data research about book readers and buyers from our various and reliable sources, we will be sending out e-mails to people with information about you and your book, making the process of promoting your book a little more personal and interactive.


YouTube bumper ads are six second videos for driving brand reach. These ads are extremely helpful as they can’t be skipped and hence generate better views and more chances of sales. Our professional designs, catchy quick ads and marketing gimmicks ensure statisfacory delivery to the potential buyers.


With our Author Circle Promotion service, we generate buzz for your book by circulating captivating creatives on social media. Our aim is to create excitement and generate interest among potential readers. Trust us to promote your book effectively and help it gain the attention it deserves.


When people get first hand information from the press, its credibility in the readers' mind becomes high automatically. We will use the press as a tool for your book by sending them dedicated digital release about the book which will have a good deal of information for the people to read and get attracted to your book.


Goodreads is currently one of the biggest platforms for readers of all types and genres of books. Our team will set-up a Goodreads Page for you making you searchable on the favorite platform of a large number of readers. It allows you to promote yourself and interact with your readers too. After being a verified author on Goodreads, you can also be followed by people there.


Amazon has a dedicated page for Authors on their portal, where people can look up their favorite authors, favorite books, discover new authors and books and much more. We will make an Author page on Amazon for you which will have interesting information about you and your work. All the information you wish to give will be directly available on Amazon's website.


Amazon Kindle is the one of the most popular ebook platforms in the world and has the largest market share in ebook sales, with hundreds of thousands of readers using kindle devices or the app to buy and read ebooks, through our amazon kindle promotion services. You can run free promotions for as many as 5 days to build an audience for your book.


Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to send and receive small posts called tweets. Twitter is a key player among the hordes of social media platforms Authors can access. You can get the best twitter marketing service to attract audience who is redirected to your book’s Amazon page after clicking on the interactive ad.