eBook Publisher in India

Looking for an eBook publisher in India can be an uphill task, especially for budding authors and novelists. The reason; new authors are not aware of the aspects of eBook publication, and therefore are clueless about “what to look for in a publisher?” To understand self publishing better, one needs to know its roots; how this space grew from insignificance to dominance.

Self-publishing was not very popular in India, at least in the earlier decades. However, due to constant rejections and lack of transparency, certain popular authors published their books through a self publisher. Many of these books went on to become bestsellers, a development that propelled online publishing in the country.

Suddenly, eBook publications started coming up all over the country, many of them pushing innocent newbies to opt for one-size-fits-all plans. The fundamental problem with pre-cooked plans is they do not account for the genre of the book. This affects the book’s marketability. Simply put, an academic book needs to be marketed differently when compared with fiction, and so on. This lack of flexibility is the biggest drawback with eBook publishers in India. Getting a book published is only half the work done; selling it is the key to success. At BFC Publications, marketing books sufficiently is equally important. We make sure that the books published by us are showcased properly. The exercise involves identifying readers suited to the book, and targeting them through various marketing tactics.

eBook Publisher in India


Any discussion on self publishing is not complete unless it covers top eBook selling platforms in India. Why? Because an author’s success is assessed by the number of books he’s sold. This is why showcasing books on digital marketplaces is among the best ways to sell eBooks online in India. So, let’s have a look at the 4 biggest eBook distribution mediums without delay.

Amazon Kindle-one of the best eBook selling platforms

Amazon (Amazon KDP India) is the best place to sell eBooks online, hands down. It has the biggest readership among all digital marketplaces. Secondly, the platform is a great place to collect verified feedback and reviews for your books.

Google Play Books

If you are looking to sell an eBook online, you most definitely need to be on Google Play Books. This Android marketplace has more than a billion active users and getting listed is pretty simple. All you need to do is signup, upload your book, set the selling price, and start promoting.


Smashwords offers quick and easy eBook distribution opportunities to authors. Those listed on the platform are also granted access to tools for marketing, distribution, metadata management and sales reporting. Also, on this platform, authors have complete control over the sampling, pricing and marketing of books.


Much like Amazon KDP India, Kobo is an eBook platform that can be leveraged by authors for selling their books. There are over 6 million eBooks listed on this marketplace, which speaks volumes about the reach and readership Kobo can lend you.

So, there you have it- the best ways to sell eBooks online in India. If you are looking to make it as an author, this is a medium you need to leverage, Period!


Let’s assume that book you were working on is complete, and now it needs to be shared with the world. Those who have published previously know what needs to be done next. However, if this is your first attempt as an author, you are more than likely to be clueless about the steps that follow, about how to publish an eBook in India. Well, worry not! All you need to do is follow the steps listed below, and you’ll be set.

Look for a reputable eBook publisher

Browse the internet to identify an eBook publisher who is trustworthy and delivers what is promised. Visit author forums that discuss self publishing and ebook publications. With a little effort you can deduce the reputation of the publisher you are looking to work with. Author communities and Google (Google Reviews) are also good places to collect intel about publication houses, and determine their performance.

Finalise an eBook publishing package

Discuss in detail with your publisher, the services you shall be entitled to under the publishing package shortlisted by you. Make sure that your eBook publisher is aware of your priorities and expectations about each inclusion of the package, be it copy editing, format editing or cover design. Also, these inclusions need to be listed in the publishing agreement, in fair spirit.

Finalise the selling price

All reputable self publishing companies have a transparent royalty sharing pattern. Finalise the selling price of your book after discussing with your publisher, the size and pages of your manuscript, the cost of printing it and his fee, among other things. Ideally, the retail price should be sufficient to accommodate any discounts that may have to be offered to sell the book.

Format & Copy Editing

A professionally formatted and edited book delivers a satisfactory reading experience. Make sure this has been achieved by your publisher, even if it means reading the edited file from scratch.

Book Cover

Covers are important when it comes to marketing books since they are the first thing readers see. Make sure the cover of your book is well done and eye-catching. And that’s it! Follow these steps if you are looking to publish an eBook in India, and you should be good to go.


We’ve said this earlier- publishing an eBook is only half the job done. An author’s journey is actually complete after he has marketed the eBook sufficiently. So let’s dive in without delay and have a look at the best ways to promote an eBook.

Target an audience to promote your eBook

Before you start penning the first draft, do the research to identify the audience interested in the subject. Most authors think that readers will cue up to buy their books. Selling an eBook online requires a targeted approach, be it through ads on social media, or SMS and WhatsApp campaigns. Focus your efforts on those who will read your book; segment the audience.

Start a blog

The more readers see you, the more likely they are to buy your book. Blog posts offer you the opportunity to reach out to people who share the interests your book is about. Blogging can help you compile a list of subscribers and individuals who are interested in the subject. You can use this list to reach out to them over email and let them know about your books.

Share excerpts from your book

Authors can share bexcerpts and portions of their upcoming book in forums, blogs, and on social media platforms to generate anticipation among readers. The image of an interesting quote from the book can also help the cause. This, however, needs to be done with great care and the portion shared should conceal more about the plot than it reveals, and in turn, fuel reader curiosity.

Organize giveaways to promote your eBook

Organizing a book giveaway is also a very effective way of promoting an eBook. Announce contests on the various social media platforms you’re active on to create a buzz around the book, be it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Get your book reviewed

Like it or not, there is a majority that flips through a book only if attracted by the cover. What may be a good book cover in your eyes, can be ordinary to others. This is why reviews are important for selling eBooks. Reach out to influencers who read and review books. Ask them to review your book, in exchange for payment, if necessary. This will help create a positive buzz about your book. So, there you have it- Everything there is to know about self publishing and more importantly promoting an eBook. We hope we have successfully answered whatever queries you had about getting published. To know more about the publishing packages we offer Click Here.