What is Print-on-Demand Book publishing?

What is Print-on-Demand Book publishing (PoD) and how does it benefit those looking to get self published? This, you’re probably wondering. Lucky you, we anticipated your dilemma in advance. Just read on and you’ll know whatever there is to know about this publishing model.

In layman terms, Print-on-Demand publishing is a cost-effective book printing service that can be availed by an author looking to get self published. Under on demand printing ,authors can get limited copies of their books printed upon request, be it twenty or a thousand. Simply put, this method allows publishers to provide books to authors at a per copy cost; the bigger the order size, the lesser the print cost. Although the cost of each print-on-demand book copy is marginally higher as compared to offset printing, it is easier to accommodate since the author can order fewer prints. Long story short, on demand publishing saves authors the money they would have to spend to run initial prints of their book under offset printing.

Print-on-Demand Book publishing

What are some other benefits of Print-on-Demand publishing?

Now that we have talked about the fundamentals, let’s try and identify some benefits of Print-on-Demand publishing.

On-Demand printing reduces your financial risk

We’ve already talked about this key benefit of Print-on-Demand publishing. Herein, the author can request limited prints of his book and save the money he would have to spend to run the initial prints mandated under offset printing.

It’s easier to make changes to print on demand books

With PoD, it’s easier to make changes in existing books, since you don’t have to worry about the huge inventory that usually accompanies offset printing. Print-on-demand is especially advisable if you are a new author, given that first-timers are more likely to miss omitting certain minute errors in the manuscript.

Print on demand books remain in stock

Ever searched for a book online only to discover that it is out of stock? There's no such thing with print on demand. Herein, the book is kept in an online database and printed based on demand. This way, your book stays available for as long as you want.

Congratulations! Now you know everything there is to know about print on demand in India. We hope we have successfully listed for you the cons and benefits of Print-on-Demand publishing. However, if you still have a query that needs addressing, feel free to reach out to us by visiting the Contact Us section on our website.

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