Things to Keep in Mind Before Finalising the Book Cover 3 Feb, 2024 5:17 am
Things to Keep in Mind Before Finalising the Book Cover

Would you buy a book with a cover that doesn’t intrigue you or make you ramble through the pages? Or would you ever purchase a book that doesn’t give you a general idea of what it’s about? No, right? We all say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but how often do we stick to it? Perhaps never! A book cover is the first thing that entices you and makes you yearn for it. So, if you casually pass by a book without having the urge to purchase it, then for you, it’s probably not worth it! 

Now, imagine something like this happening to your book. The idea is scary, isn’t it? However, you can always ensure that things like this don’t happen to you. Read further to know how, as this blog post discusses things to keep in mind before finalising your book cover.

Comprehend Your Genre to Craft the Perfect Book Cover 

When deciding on your book cover, it is essential to understand the genre of your book. It will help you finalise a cover that accurately represents your book and appeals to your target audience. For instance, if your book falls into the romance genre, a cover featuring soft hues and pastel colors would be fitting. Or, let’s say if you write horror fiction, a cover with darker tones and gothic themes would create a more appropriate visual representation. Consequently, tailoring your cover to the genre enhances its ability to attract and engage readers drawn to specific visual cues associated with the literary category.

Hook Your Reader with Eye-Catchy Designs

Your book cover is the first thing a reader notices and decides whether he wishes to pick it up to learn more about the book or not. Evidently, a compelling cover design plays a crucial role in engaging your target audience. So, you don’t want a tedious book cover that will push away your potential readers, do you? Of course not! Therefore, to ensure your book doesn’t go unnoticed, opt for captivating images and designs that align with the essence of your story and are appealing to the eyes. It increases the chances of being easily discovered by potential readers. Consequently, your book’s cover can be a powerful marketing tool if it has the potential to influence the target audience and make them stop and stare at it.

Use typography that captures Attention

Your book’s typography is another influential tool that compels readers. It sets your book’s tone and helps it stand out in the literary market. Therefore, opt for a font that is easy to read and aligns with your book’s tone. For instance, if you have written thriller fiction, you might use a bold, sans-serif font that depicts a sense of urgency and mystery. Besides, pay careful attention to the fonts used for the book’s title and author’s name. Choosing fonts that effectively highlight these elements helps your book reach a wider audience. Effective typography draws wandering eyes that always seek something to read.

Unveil the Power of Your Book’s Spine 

The book’s front cover is undoubtedly the most crucial element that helps your book stand out in the literary market. However, are you sure it would have the same impact when kept among the books on a shelf? Most authors skip addressing this question, but a book’s spine and back cover can significantly influence a book’s sale. How? Well, picture this: you are rambling in a bookstore and looking for a specific novel. Your eyes suddenly fall on a catchy book’s spine. The author is new, but the spine of the book is so attractive that it makes you pick it up and read the blurb. After a few minutes, you decide to navigate this new author’s work and purchase it without giving it much thought. As an author, it sounds dreamy, right? However, you can make this dream come true if you make your book’s spine catchy and put in some effort.

Edit Your Book Cover

Once your book cover is ready, see if the outcome is in tandem with your efforts. If you are satisfied with your book’s cover, don’t think you are good to go. What’s perfect for you might not be appealing to other people. Consider taking the feedback of your friends and family. You can even try to put up stories on Instagram and other social media to get other people’s opinions. Besides, if you think anything is unnecessary in your book, be ruthless in getting rid of it. You don’t want additional information or images to clutter your book cover and make it bland, do you?

On a Parting Note

Publishing a book is the most crucial journey of an author’s life. An author spends months and even years writing a story, and its cover is the essence of a book. Therefore, it is crucial to see if the book’s cover aligns with the content and captivates potential readers. You might not be good at crafting a book cover or comprehending its intricacies. So, it’s better to hire a professional graphic designer or consult a self-book publisher to accomplish all your needs. The aim is to get a compelling book cover; as Ingrid Weir has said, “Why would they have book covers if we aren’t supposed to judge the book by them? It makes no sense.”

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Would you buy a book with a cover that doesn’t intrigue you or make you ramble through the pages? Or would you ever purchase a book that..

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