Why are book reviews so important?

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A book review is a kind of a report, summary or opinion of a reader expressed about a book. A book review can be a one-line sentence or an entire paragraph; it can be good as well as bad, depending solely on the reader’s experience. A book review is more authentic and personal than word-of-mouth or just a five-star rating and focuses more on an individual’s reading experience and thought process. Although book reviews differ from reader to reader, based on their personal experiences, it is valuable to have a lot of reviews. 

Books are reviewed for various mediums like newspapers, magazines, blogs and so on. These reviews help in getting it noticed and reaching the maximum possible audience. 

Book reviews help authors in many ways, which makes them quite important. Mentioned below are some reasons why book reviews are important –

Resource for Readers

Now we all know that reading a book can be time-consuming at times, and it is nothing like watching a movie or listening to a podcast; also, it might get a little disappointing when the book is not what one expected it to be. 

Having a book review will save readers time and give them a sneak peek of the book. A book review conveys the genre, tone and a slight impression of the book’s quality, and it provides them familiarity with the book whilst saving time. 

Makes the book noticeable

We all are quite aware of the fact that readers don’t just invest their time in a book merely based on word of mouth or a five-star rating. It will take more than this to influence a purchase, and a book review will work as a turning point for an author and craft a path to success before it’s even published. A great review works as good publicity for authors and helps their book get noticed. 

Sets a benchmark

Book reviews help set a benchmark for an author and his work. Though all readers are entitled to their reviews, it is recommended to avoid any kind of negative review for an established writer and a fresh author. 

Book reviews raise the bar for both established and new authors and eventually bring them the right kind of readership that will help them reach the target audience.

Offer insights about the author’s book

Book reviews are the most effective way to gain insight into one’s own creation. An honest book review enables an author to receive constructive criticism and work on areas that require improvement. A positive review can boost confidence and highlight the positive aspects, whereas a negative review can help the author focus on the areas that need improvement.

Increase in Sales 

Book reviews help provide a validation that determines the worth of a book. Books with numerous reviews appear to be more popular and have higher sales than books with fewer book reviews. Human nature gets curious about popular things and about things that portray some sort of guarantee. As a result, more book reviews will improve sales. 


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A book review is a kind of a report, summary or opinion of a reader expressed about a book. A book review can be a one-line sentence..

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