Top reasons to self-publish a book in 2022 22 Feb, 2022 11:00 am

So you’ve penned a book you’re proud of, and now you’re looking to share it with the world. Great! But you have a question: Is it better to self-publish a book in 2022? Well, let us save you the effort of figuring it out all by yourself. Behold! The top reasons for self-publishing your book.

Top reasons to self-publish a book in 2022

Self-publishing a book offers better creative control

Under the self-publishing model, you are in charge of the book; how it looks, its word count, the cover, everything is under your control. All you need to do is let your publisher know how you want things, and voila! It’s done.

You can time the book launch

Generally speaking, children’s books do better when launched close to the winter holidays; romance novels, ahead of Valentine’s Day; and religious books, when festivals approach. Do you see the pattern here? Given that self-published books can hit the market within days of getting edited, you can time your book launch and ensure maximum visibility.

Self-published books have a longer shelf life

Traditional publishers stop marketing a book when they’ve touched the targeted budget, and there is little authors can do about it. A self-publisher, however, can keep your book in print for as long as you want.

Self-publishing facilitates quicker revisions

Traditional publishers print revised editions only after their current inventory is exhausted. Self-published books, on the other hand, can be revised at will. Why? Because the books are printed-on-demand and their distribution network mainly comprises online sellers.

You earn better royalties

Self-publishing gives authors autonomy when it boils down to deciding the book’s selling price. Moreover, authors are entitled to receive much higher royalties because they have already paid the publisher for the services availed and no significant capital has been blocked in sending the books to print. We just told you about print-on-demand, remember?

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Access to real-time analytics

Self-published authors are provided real-time data pertaining to the sales results of their books, meaning greater transparency. Authors can see this information by accessing the dashboard provided to them by their publisher. On the other hand, traditional publishers rarely provide any statements of this sort. Imagine running a business without any sales reports.

You hold the intellectual rights

Traditional publishers stand to gain the most in case a book published by them is picked up as a movie or television show script. Why? One- because they’ve invested in it, and secondly because you gave away most of your rights when you signed that publishing agreement they offered you. On the other hand, self-publishers do not stand to benefit in such a situation because they’ve already been paid for their services.


So, there you have it, “Top reasons for self-publishing your book in 2022.” Also, read our previous post on “5 Self-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022!” to learn more about self-publishing. Let us know your thoughts about this post by leaving a reply in the comments section. You can also reach out to us by visiting the Contact Us section of our website.

So you’ve penned a book you’re proud of, and now you’re looking to share it with the world. Great! But you have a question: Is it better..

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