Why you should self publish a book in 2023 : Top 4 Reasons

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Are you still wondering if you should self publish your book, or wait around for a traditional publishing house to pick up your manuscript? Well, your days of dilemma are finally over as we have listed down below the top 4 reasons for self publishing a book in 2023.

Why you should self publish a book

Self Publishing Offers Better Royalties

When an author publishes with a traditional publishing house, they typically receive about 7-8% of the book’s potential earnings as royalty. Any extra royalty payments are dependent on the book selling more copies than the publisher initially predicted. However, authors who opt for self-publishing their book are in a different league altogether. They have the advantage of being able to retain all of the royalties earned from their book’s sales, without having to share a percentage with the publishing house. Therefore, if making money is your motivation for writing a book, self-publishing might be the better choice.

Timing the Book Launch

Timing is everything when it comes to book launches, and as an author, you need to choose the right time to release your book to maximize its impact. For instance, if you’ve written a book about cakes, launching it around Christmas would be an ideal strategy to tap into the holiday season’s spirit of joy and celebration. Similarly, a mythological fiction book would have greater relevance and appeal if launched before a Hindu festival. One of the advantages of self-publishing is that you have complete control over all creative and marketing aspects of your book, including the timing of the book launch. This freedom enables you to strategically plan and execute the book’s launch to coincide with a specific event or season, thereby enhancing its visibility and reach among your target audience.

Easier Revisions

As we have already established, self-publishing grants authors complete autonomy over their book. Hence, if at some point in the future, they feel inclined to change their book cover or make further revisions, they are at complete liberty to do so. Conversely, in case of traditional publishing, the author has less creative control, and the publisher holds the reins of decision-making. Therefore, it may be more challenging for the author to implement changes to the book’s design, content, or marketing strategy.

Self Published Books Have A Longer Shelf Life

Self-published authors have the advantage of being able to sell their books online indefinitely, regardless of the year of publication. In contrast, traditionally published books may go out of print once the initial demand subsides. This means that self-published authors can continue to generate income from their book long after its release, while traditionally published authors may not have that luxury. Therefore, self-publishing offers a more sustainable and enduring option for authors who want to maintain control over their work and its availability to readers.

In conclusion, self-publishing has emerged as a popular choice for authors in the recent years, offering them greater autonomy, creative control, and potential financial rewards. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, the four reasons listed above make a strong case for self-publishing in 2023. Don’t forget to leave a reply in the comments section if you liked the post. Also, do check out our previous post on Is Chat GPT good for book writing?.



Are you still wondering if you should self publish your book, or wait around for a traditional publishing house to pick up your manuscript? Well, your days..

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