Watch Authors, Historians, Mythologists, Scribes and Politicos grace the stage at KLF-Awadh and discuss their books and works out in the open.

The Story of Storytellers of Naimisaranya
Garuda Purana
Bravehearts of Bharat
Saga of Bharat: The Magicians of Mazda
Zikr: In the Light and Shade of Time
Era of Visaul Storytelling
फ़िल्मी बकैती
Twist of Time: Revisiting History
India in the Changing World
मन तरंग
Coming of Age: Wind Beneath My Wings
सेन्सेक्स क्षेत्रीय दलों का
कथा की बोली
Clash of Singularity
नए नेतृत्व का उदय
Progressive Writers' Movement
बहुत ज़मीन थोड़ा आसमाँ
14 Left 14 Right
Women Leaders of Lucknow
अवधी अक़्स
The Romance of Lucknow
Sing, Dance & Pray
Akhtari: Hamri Atariya Pe Aao
Bisra Chulha Bisre Swad
Shivani Ki Duniya
Savarkar: Pioneer of India's National Security
Insatiable: My Hunger for Life
Myth of Mythology