Step By Step Publishing

Follow the steps listed below to climb our self publishing ladder. To ensure that your journey with us is smooth and hassle-free, we have defined every milestone you are going to cross until your book hits the stores.

  • Consultation & Registration

    Leverage the know-how of our expert consultants to identify the publishing solution that best suits your needs, or get one tailored.

  • Contract Signing

    Enter into a contract with us to safeguard the intellectual rights of your manuscript. This also ensures that both parties, you and BFC uphold their end of the bargain, be it pertaining to the specifications of the self publishing package, or the terms of payment.

  • Manuscript Submission

    Submit your manuscript with us to get the ball rolling. A dedicated publishing manager/consultant shall be assigned to you at this stage for guiding and handling the project. The book’s interior, its layout and exteriors shall also be discussed at this point.

  • Proofreading & Format Editing

    Our team of proof-readers and copy-editors will get working on your book, fine-combing the manuscript for errors.

  • Designing

    Our graphic designers and illustrators go to work on the interior and cover of the book. This is done keeping in mind the brief provided by the author, so as to best interpret the author’s imagination.

  • Marketing & Online Distribution

    The team guides authors to make decisions based on prevalent e-marketplace and digital marketing trends. Special emphasis is laid on expanding the book’s digital footprint through Facebook, Instagram campaigns, and other marketing gimmicks. The team also ensures the book’s availability on all relevant platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

  • Royalty

    In BFC, authors have absolute freedom when it comes to determining the worth of their work, even if it is over and above the suggested price. The Royalty Calculator lets authors compute the margins they are to operate on, based on which they can arrive at a selling price that suits them best.